Top Qualities to Develop to Succeed in Hotels: Top Universities for Hotel Management in Delhi NCR

In 2022, there were a total of 1,842 hotels newly opened worldwide. As per market experts, this figure is estimated to touch the threshold of 2,480 hotel openings in 2023 and 2,707 in 2024 globally. 

Can you estimate the recruitment demand the industry will have? Well, in simple words, it will be exponentially high. 

Students who decide to make a career in the hospitality sector rather than in hotels have made the right decision. There are several Top Universities for Hotel Management in Delhi NCR and around. Their curriculum and practical classes, coupled with internships, can mold the candidates to become suitable for handling different positions in the domain of hotels. 

Nevertheless, possessing and working on certain qualities do go a long way to escalate the efficacy of a student to adapt well to the industry demands. Many youngsters in their high schools do not have a good understanding of what qualities they need to nurture to make a fortune in the hotel industry.

For them, this blog will be a useful handbook to learn about the qualities that the hotel industry looks for in their human resources. 

Like in any specialized industry, prospering in the hotel industry (or hospitality sector) demands the combined use of certain skills, qualities, and attributes. Let us shed some light on those here that can help you shine in managing hotels.

A Friendly Diplomatic Disposition 

Ensuring guest satisfaction through a cheerful and welcoming attitude is a must to survive the hotel business. With so many hotels cropping up everywhere, the last thing one wants is a hotel staff showing reluctance or unpleasantness to serve and be of assistance for a comfortable stay.  

TeamworkTop Universities for Hotel Management in Delhi NCR

A hotel has different departments, and maintaining a smooth synchronization and collaboration to keep the boat afloat is essential. Front Office, Housekeeping, F&B, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Security, Concierge, Guest Service, etc, are some of the major departments of the hotel industry. 

Miscommunication and lack of coordination can completely jeopardize the staying experience of any guest in that specific hotel. Each department plays a crucial role in ensuring guest satisfaction is ensured throughout their stay. Delivering seamless services and managing operational excellence through teamwork is a must. If a candidate cannot collaborate in a team, it will be difficult for her or him to be in the hotel industry. 

Attention to Detail

Being attentive to every small detail is imperative for anyone to succeed in the Hotel industry. Guests come to hotels assuming everything will be suited to their comfort, safety, and preference. Any loophole can get on their nerves quicker than it usually does. So, keeping everything tip-top by focusing on every small detail is necessary for hotel professionals. 


The hotel industry is seen as one of the most dynamic and action-packed fields. Adapting quickly to ever-changing guest preferences, operational demands, and more is necessary. A large volume of guests, round-the-clock operations, unexpected events, last-minute updates, seasonal fluctuations, technological advances (and also technological glitches occasionally), etc, all demand hotel professionals to polish their adaptability traits right from the start. SRM University Sonepat

Communication Skills

It is crucial that the hotel staff, from front office managers to housekeepers and baggage porters, all should be skilled in good communication. In India, speaking fluently in English and Hindi is a must. Interaction should be clear to make sure the guest’s needs and demands are met uncompromisingly. Plus, formal communications with colleagues during meetings, briefings, and handling daily respective tasks would become problematic with poor communication skills. Top Universities for Hotel Management in Delhi NCR or anywhere make it mandatory to work on communication skills for this purpose. 

Problem-Solving Abilities

The hotel industry is one of the most enthralling, action-packed, and eventful sectors you can ever think of. So, problems do find a way to disturb the smooth flow of hotel operations in its different departments. So, developing problem-solving capabilities with a good presence of mind and the ability to think outside the box will be a great asset to count on when seeking a fortune in the hotel industry. Maintaining guest satisfaction is crucial at all steps, so one has to detect the source of the problem and act before it becomes a problem.  

Multitasking Ability

Your career in the hotel industry cannot flourish if multitasking is not one of your strengths. Hotel employees need to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously and this will be an almost constant scenario at your workplace. Suppose you are an F&B Manager; you will be checking in guests, answering phones, addressing guest inquiries, supervising checking on what is happening in the kitchen, monitoring the industry trainees who come for an internship, and more. 

Patience & Cultural Sensitivity 

Guests from different backgrounds and cultures come to hotels. Some guests, with different mood swings as well. Not all will behave nicely with you. Not all will have the patience to wait for the things to go as per their preference. They will be demanding, impatient, hard to please, and also tough to deal with. Hotel professionals, regardless of which department they work in, will need to have cultural sensitivity and sensibility backed with a pool of patience. No matter what, being respectful towards your guests is what is the main mantra to survive hotel jobs.

So, You Know It Now

The qualities it takes to make a career in the hotel industry. SRM University Sonepat is one of the Top Universities for Hotel Management in Delhi NCR

Their curriculum is designed to nurture these qualities and skills in their students. They focus on soft skill development. Nevertheless, the candidates also need to embrace these traits positively. SRM Institute of Hotel Management offers a three-year degree course. Students have no choice but to work on their skills to be industry-ready.

There are diverse opportunities and profitable prospects that attract young students to venture into this sector. Earning is good. Growth is excellent. Global job opportunities are readily available. 

Ensure you have these qualities to bank upon for surviving and flourishing. 

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