Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of SRM University, Sonepat conducted an industrial visit to Panipat Thermal Power Plant, HPGCL on 29th January, 2018. Twenty four students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year from Electrical and Electronics Engineering departments of SRM University, Sonepat visited Panipat Thermal Power Plant, HPGCL (Haryana) with faculty members Dr Deepika Yadav and Mr S. Murali. The main aim of the visit was to familiarize students with the operation of thermal power plant and power plant simulator. Mr Naveen Sharma (Training Incharge) from Unit 7 of Panipat Thermal Power Plant briefed students about working of Thermal Power Plant. Then he explained the various processes involved in the generation of 220KV Electricity. Also, installation of coal and ash handling plant was explained in detail. During plant visit, Students learnt how the bulk amount of coal is transferred to the coal storage area.

After the combustion of coal in boiler furnace, ash is produced which is collected and treated by ash handling plant. The ash is used for many industrial applications like production of cement, ceramics etc. At boiler section, the student visited FD fan, ID fan, PA fan, boiler furnace area and other auxiliary devices essential for boiler operation. At turbine/generator floor, students visited HP, IP and LP sections of turbine coupled with the generator. Also, students were allowed to visit control room of unit no 7. Control room of power plant is the brain of the entire plant and is equipped with DCS facility. The visit was very fruitful as students observed each of energy conversion stages used in power plant starting from fuel section to switchyard. At last, students were taken to Sub stations of Unit 5 & 6, where they learnt how the produced electricity is distributed to cities and villages. It was an informative, interesting and a successful visit.

About Panipat Thermal Power Plant, HPGCL

Panipat Thermal Power Station (PTPS) has a total installed generation capacity of 1360 MW comprising of four Units of 110 MW each , two Units of 210 MW each and two Units of 250 MW each. As all the balance of plant facilities viz. Coal Handling Plant, Ash Handling Plant, Cooling towers, C.W. System are separate for 4×110 MW. Unit 1 to 4 and are completely independent from Units 5 to 8. Keeping this in view and in order to improve the performance of the Plant and to have a better control, a need was felt to bifurcate PTPS into two Thermal Power Station i.e. PTPS-1, comprising of 4x110MW Units 1 to 4 and PTPS-2 comprising of 210MW /250MW Units 5 to 8.In this regard the Board of Directors in its 54th meeting held on 29.03.07, approved the proposal of bifurcation of Panipat Thermal Power Station, Panipat into two Thermal Power Stations i.e. PTPS-1, comprising of 4x110MW Units I to IV and PTPS-2 comprising of 210MW / 250MW Units V to VIII. The matter was subsequently taken up with Central Electricity Authority (CEA), New Delhi for according approval of Government of India (Ministry of Power) regarding bifurcation of PTPS. CEA, New Delhi vide letter dated 16.10.07 have conveyed their acceptance to HPGCL proposal of bifurcation of Panipat Thermal Power Station into two Thermal Power Stations namely PTPS-1 and PTPS-2.


  • Date

    12 February 2018

  • Organiser

    Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering


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