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Dear Students

Assessment & Evaluation is a continuous process, to establish your mastery of a particular subject/ course/ programme and your grade card is a reflection of your knowledge and skills. It is indeed an evolving process that changes, with your commitment & seriousness towards learning new skills, and acquiring more knowledge.

Wishing you luck for your academic and professional journey of learning at SRM university

Controller of Examinations

Rules and Regulations

Time Span for completing a Degree

UGC Guidelines for uniform span of Degree (click here)


Lateral Entry/ Migration/ Credit Transfer/ Change of branch (from academic year 2018-2019)

Academic Promotion Policy for students (academic year 2018-2019 onwards)

Academic Promotion Policy for students (academic year 2021-2022 onwards)

Eligibility for end term examination: Formative/ Internal/ continuous Assessment

Provision for Amanuensis (Writer) (from end term exam May2018)

Re-evaluation Policy (from academic year 2017-2018)

Improvement examination (Theory- End Semester) for graduates (from May 2018)

Improvement of result/grade (Subject) - Both (Internal & external) for graduates (from May 2018)

Distribution/Collection of statement of grades/transcript/mark sheet

Classification of division (from academic year 2017-2018)

Rule/Regulation- Rank/Medal

Special Examination (Only End Term)

Rules and Regulations for award of Punishment/penalty in cases of Examination (Theory/ Non Theory) -Misconduct/ UFM (Unfair Means)/ Malpractices

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