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Department of Law

Law as a career is prestigious and is popular among students. The scope of the law as a career is immense as opportunities expand in corporate houses, law firms, law agencies, administrative services, and the like. The Department of Law at SRM University Delhi-NCR is established to promote excellence in the field of legal education and fulfill the ever-increasing demand for quality legal professionals for global employability. The dynamics of our legal education Programmes are comparable to the best legal standards in the country which enables students to fulfill their aspirations and helps to reach the zenith of their careers. Its visionary curriculum is designed meticulously to prepare the students to be technically efficient, socially useful, and professionally competent, to meet the challenges of the 21st century and beyond. It offers skills-based and interdisciplinary legal education that prepares the students to meet the changing criteria of the legal industry.

Discover law with LSAT-India 2023

Student Scholarship on the basis of CLAT Ranking
Percentage of Scholarship CLAT Rank
50% scholarship on tuition fee 1300-3000
25% scholarship on tuition fee 3001-5000
10% scholarship on tuition fee 5001-7000
Courses Offered
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Programme Overviews

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • To help graduates acquire & apply legal knowledge to complex Socio-legal problems.
  • To produce graduates who possess skills to participate as respected members of the legal profession.
  • To help graduates develop legal research skills & legal reasoning and apply it during Programmemes & in Legal practice.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO)

  • Students at the time of graduation will be able to understand the law and apply them in the practical field with the spirit of providing legal aid to citizens.
  • Students at the time of graduation will have acquired relevant knowledge and skills appropriate to professional activities and demonstrate the highest standards of ethical issues.

Programme Outcomes (PO)

  • The Programme will help students learn the art of communication and demonstrate their oral advocacy skills, and project the facts in a way suitable to the client as the ability to convince on legal reasoning forms the essence of communication in courts of law.
  • Through the learnings of the Programme, students will be able to identify, interpret and analyze the legal and social problems and work towards finding solutions by application of laws and regulations to the social problems and situations.


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