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Orientation Week “Lex-Initium” for Batch of 2023

Orientation Week “Lex-Initium” for Batch of 2023


“While the initial excitement, anticipation and motivation provide a great starting point, changes and new beginnings often need inspiration, hope and faith.” The beginning of a new academic year is always an exciting time for any educational institution. Welcoming new students is a cherished tradition that fosters a sense of community and enthusiasm for the journey ahead. The report presents a brief account of how our law school welcomed and integrated new students into our vibrant academic community.

Day 1 (3rd September, 2023) – Orientation Ignite: Igniting the Journey

Session 1 (09:30 AM – 10:30 AM)

The first session of the orientation, “Samvaad” was kickstarted by Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Kumar Singh, Dean at Faculty of Law, SRM University. Prof. Vijay officially welcomed all the students of first year of B.A.LL.B., B.B.A.L.L.B, LL.B., and LL.M. courses. Sir provided the students a brief introduction of the Faculty of Law, SRM University and its journey in the last decade. The students were thrilled to be a part of such an institute with a legacy of over five decades in the field of education. Sir also explained how lawyers can actively contribute to the development of society and can help in nation building.

The second session was taken by Prof. (Dr.) Sandeep Kulshrestha, Head of the Department, Faculty of Law, SRM University. Prof. Kulshrestha introduced all the faculty members to the students. Sir also told the students about the programs at law faculty and their structure along with the curriculum. The students were also told about the graduate attributes that would be achieved by them during their studies.


Special address by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor

The incoming students of first year were privilege to have a special address by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Paramjit S. Jaswal. In his address, sir urged the students to focus on academics and extra-curricular activities for a holistic development of their overall personality. Sir shared his own experiences as a law students and inspired the students to achieve greater heights in all forms of their career.

The third session was KYC (Know Your Constitution): Discovering Our Foundation. The session was chaired jointly by Dr. Yatin Kathuria and Mr. Mohammad Saleem. Mr. Saleem gave a historical view of the making of our constitution through various stages while Dr. Yatin provided the students with some important facts related to the Indian Constitution. At the end of the session, a quiz was also organised by senior students of the faculty.

After the lunch break, the students gathered again for an important session on Moot Court, “Law School and Mooting – What, Why and When”. The session was chaired by Mr. Mohammad Saleem, Convener of the Moot Court Committee. Mr. Saleem provied the students with the basic information about moot court and also told them the importance of moot courts in the life of a law student. Mr. Saleem also introduced the members of the moot court committee.

The faculty of law, at SRM University, conducted a session entitled "Frosty Friendships: Breaking the Ice Together" on 1st September 2023 as a part of their orientation program specially tailored for eager first-year students. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan and Mr. Ajeet Singh were the moderators for the same. The event aimed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for newcomers as they embarked on their academic journey. Throughout the session, students engaged in various interactive ice-breaking activities, helping them forge new connections and lasting friendships.

The highlight of "Frosty Friendships" was an activity called ‘Philosophical Chairs’, where students were given a wide range of topics from abstract concepts, on the spot and were expected to deliver a coherent and persuasive speech without any prior preparation. This unique session not only facilitated meaningful connections but also instilled a sense of belonging and unity among the incoming class, setting the stage for a successful and enjoyable campus experience.

Day 2 (4th September, 2023) – Discovery Day: Unveiling New Horizons

Students were overjoyed to learn that DCP Sonepat, Dr. Anshu Singhla (IPS), will be speaking to them. Her presence alone pumped up the students’ enthusiasm. She presented a well-prepared and structured speech. It was amazing to see how she could teach vital life lessons using real-world stories.

This was a course specific session. The students were divided into groups based on their courses and were addressed by the respective course specific faculty.

Name of the Course


B.B.A.LL.B. and LL.B.


Faculty in-charge

Dr. Rahul Chauhan

Dr. Rashi Malik

Dr. Yatin Kathuria


Samaaj ko Jano


Program structure

Session Details

"Samaaj ko Jano" was an interactive session which introduced the students with subject of Sociology. It included basics about society and a quizz which included questions related to the social environment.

“Start up idea for new business” Students were made to brainstorm business ideas alone before getting other people involved because it is important to focus without getting distracted from too much input for your creativity to flourish. Afterward, students were asked about their ideas for new companies and products.

Dr. Yatin kathuria discussed LLM Program structure with the students . LLM students were briefed about different specialization that are being offered for session 2023-24 and various courses taught under the specializations.


This session had a special meaning for the students. Mr. Pranshu Kaushal (advocate) highlighted courtroom realities. The discussion addressed issues such as court hierarchy, the relevance of day-to-day judgements, the importance of paralegal employees, and so on.

Following lunch, the students were exposed to one of the most important aspects of their education, namely examination. The Controller of Examination, Mr. Vikram Barara, provided a full overview of the examination pattern. He also responds to students' examination-related questions.

JOB AFFAIR - Build your CV - #Fill the kora kagaz

A well-crafted resume is of significant importance in the job search and career development process. This session was taken by Ms. Mithu Pandey, Deputy Director, Training and Placement Office and faculty cordinator, Mr. Poras Raj. They highlighted some key reasons why a resume is importance, the internship requirements, etc.

Day 3 (5th September, 2023)Exploration Expedition: Navigating Possibilities

Session 1 (9:30 AM – 10:30 AM)

LAYMAN’S LAW - ‘Anubandh ka Kanoon’

Contract law respects the principle of freedom of contract, allowing parties to negotiate and determine the terms and conditions of their agreements within legal boundaries. This freedom is a fundamental aspect of modern legal systems. This session was meant to introduce the peculiar features of the Indian Contract Act to the students.

Session 2 (10:30 AM – 11:30 AM)

Using Law Library

Law library is essential for legal professionals, law students, scholars, and anyone conducting legal research. The facilities available at the library, including the advance softwares for legal research, was explained to the students by the Chief Librarian, Dr. D.V. Singh.

Session 3 (11:30 AM – 12:30 PM)

This session involved briefing the students on Learning Management System (LMS). Learning Management Systems are crucial tools for modern education and training. They streamline processes, enhance access to educational content, and provide valuable data insights, ultimately contributing to more effective and efficient learning experiences. Whether in academic institutions or corporate training environments, LMS platforms have become essential for managing and delivering educational programs.

Session 4 (01:30 PM – 03:30 PM)

Clubs and committee are the lifeline of any university. Joining clubs and organizations can be a great way to meet people, develop skills, and make the most of your university experience. Various convenors of the numerous clubs at the SRM were invited to speak to students and ensure that students are familiar with their work and faces. Also, students were encouraged to start new clubs if they have specific interests not currently represented on campus.

Session on Anti-Ragging

There was session on Anti-Ragging which was chaired by Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Kumar Singh, Chairman, Anti-Ragging Committee of the University. In this session, the students were told about ragging and their prevention in the university campus. Prof. Vijay explained the students, what all constitutes ragging and the recourses available to the students in any such case.

Last session of the Orientation (03.00 PM onwards)

To mark the end of the orientation, the students were shown an educative video by Michael Sandel, Professor at Harvard University. Also, the students were made to discuss their views on the video. The session ended with the nomination of Class Representatives from B.A.LL.B., B.B.A.LL.B. and LL.B.

Orientation Week “Lex-Initium” for Batch of 2023

  • Start Date

    31 August 2023

  • End Date

    05 September 2023

  • Organiser

    Department of Law


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