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Workshop On Mediation Skills

Workshop On Mediation Skills


On October 30, 2023, a mediation workshop was organized by the faculty of law, at SRM University, Haryana under the aegis of the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution established at the University level. The co-ordinators of this workshop were Mr Ajeet Singh, and Mr. Pranshu Kaushal, Assistant Professors of the Faculty of Law. The workshop's objective was to enhance the mediation skills of the students, empowering them to manage conflicts effectively. Further, this will improve communication and teamwork among the team members and Increase productivity and overall job satisfaction. Mediation as a conflict management tool is comparatively cheap, and if successfully introduced early, it averts the multiple human and economic costs of conflicts. As an effective tool to prevent, contain, and resolve conflicts, mediation is important at all stages of possible conflict cycles. Mr. Ajeet Singh, Faculty Coordinator, Centre for ADR welcomed all the participants and apprised them about the relevance of alternative dispute resolution in the present time. He observed that mediation was neither a universal remedy that will always work nor a substitute for other conflict management tools. An important question is whether there is sufficient will, by the conflicting parties as well as external actors, to make a mediation process work. Mr. Pranshu Kaushal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced understanding of mediation principles and techniques.
  • Practical experience in mediating conflicts through role play.

  • Improved communication and active listening skills.

  • Insights into managing complex emotions and power dynamics in mediation.

Feedback: Participants expressed satisfaction with the workshop, highlighting the effectiveness of the role-play exercises in simulating real-world mediation scenarios. They appreciated the expertise of the facilitators and the practical approach to learning.

Conclusion: The "Workshop on Mediation Skills Using Role Play" organized by the Faculty of Law at SRM University was a resounding success, providing participants with valuable skills and practical experience in the field of mediation. The interactive and engaging nature of the workshop contributed to its success in achieving the intended learning outcomes. The Faculty of Law looks forward to organizing similar workshops in the future, fostering a culture of experiential learning and skill development among its students and legal professionals.

Workshop On Mediation Skills

  • Start Date

    30 October 2023

  • End Date

    30 October 2023

  • Organiser

    Department of Law


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