SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, Haryana

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International Conference


Computational Methods and Data Engineering (ICMDE 2020)

January 30 - 31, 2020 (Thursday - Friday)
SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, Haryana

Paper Submission and Registrations are Closed



SRM Group Institutions are the top ranking Private Institutions in India. SRM University Delhi-NCR, Sonepat, Haryana was established in 2013 under Haryana Private Universities Act. It offers different courses in the faculty of Engineering & Technology, Law, Commerce, Business Studies, Management, Science & Humanities including MTech and PhD programmes. The SRM University Delhi-NCR is situated in Rajiv Gandhi Education City (RGEC) at Sonepat and is the first institution to commission the academic session in this city with the goal of producing human resources with high skill and quality with research orientation and industrial & international collaborations.



The department of Computer Science is renowned for cutting edge research and for imparting state-of-the-art world class education. We attract some of the excellent students and faculty. The department of Computer Science imparts international level training and research. The department provides high standard computing facilities to the students. It also promotes active industry-department affiliation by finding common areas of interest and taking part in research projects and consultancy services. Our research exists in the areas of systems, software, networking, databases, security, and foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics, and scientific computing. Besides basic research, interdisciplinary work on applications that stimulate basic research has been undertaken under department of Computer Science engineering. Our Computer Science Department is designed in such a manner that the computer science program orients students toward the pragmatic aspects of computer science and provides the learning and practices to make them proficient computing professionals.



Proceedings of ICMDE 2020 will be published by Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (AISC) series of Springer. The primary goal of the conference is to provide opportunities for academicians and scientists from academic institutions & industries, policy makers and professionals from various fields in a global realm to present their research contributions and opinions, on one forum and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines. The conference will also provide opportunities for publishing research papers in indexed and recognized scholarly research journals. Full-length papers, research-in-progress papers, case studies, relating to all areas of Engineering, Management and Social Science are invited for the above national conference. Only original research articles will be accepted for publications. The ICMDE2020 attracted submissions from different countries word wide: USA, UK, Russia, China, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Afghanistan, Algeria, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Oman, Mauritius, Ethiopia and India.

** Indexing: Indexed in EI-Compendex, DBLP, SCOPUS, Google Scholar and Springerlink **


Chief Patrons

Dr. Paari Vendhar

Hon'ble Founder Chancellor, SRM University

Shri Ravi Pachamoothoo

Hon’ble Chancellor, SRMUH


Dr. P. Prakash

Vice Chancellor, SRMUH

General Chair

Prof. V. Samuel Raj

Director - (C4D) & Dean Academics, SRMUH


Dr. Vijendra Singh

The NorthCap University, Gurugram, India


Dr. Vijayan K Asari

University of Dayton, Ohio, USA

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Professor (CSE), SRMUH

International Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Isaac Woungang, Ryerson University, Canada
  • Prof. Petros Nicopolitidis, Aristole University, Greece
  • Prof. Joel Rodrgues, University of Beira Interior, Portugal
  • Prof. Sherif Saad, University of Victora, Canada
  • Prof. Glucio Carvalho, Ryerson University, Canada
  • Dr. Mohammad S. Obaidat, Monmouth University, USA
  • Dr. Issa Traore, University of Victoria, CANADA
  • Dr. Alagan Anpalagan, Ryerson University,CANADA
  • Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano, University of Seville, SPAIN
  • Dr. Vaughn Ray, University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA
  • Dr. Tzung-Shi Chen, National University of Tainan, Taiwan
  • Dr. Janga, Prudhvi,, Inc., USA
  • Prof. Sokolsky, Oleg, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Prof. Gemulla, Rainer, Universität Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany
  • Dr. Wang, Cong, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Dr. Janyce M. Wiebe, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA
  • Dr. Vicenta Sierra, ESADE Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, Spain
  • Dr. Orkun Yildiz, Gazi University, Turkey
  • Dr. Ajay Gupta, Western Michigan University, USA
  • Dr. Mohammad Samadi Gharajeh: Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran
  • Dr. Fu-Sheng Tsai, Cheng Shiu University , Australia
  • Dr. Chin Ong, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
  • Dr. Pak-Lok Poon, RMIT University , Australia
  • Dr. Kwok Tai Chui, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Dr. Sang-Bing Tsai, Aviation University of China, China
  • Dr. Vincenzo Loia, Universita degli Studi di Salerno, Italy
  • Dr. Jun Shen, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Dr. Dewi Rooslani Tojib, Monash University, Australia
  • Dr. Rayid Ghani, University of Chicago, USA
  • Dr. Mohamed Abouzahra, McMaster University, Canada

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Manish Bhalla, SRMUH
  • Prof. Ashok Kantroo, SRMUH
  • Mr. N. Senthil Kumar, SRMUH
  • Mr. Manoj Madhavan Kutty, SRMUH
  • Dr. Pawan Kumar, SRMUH
  • Dr. Arvind Kumar, SRMUH
  • Dr. G. Edwin Prem Kumar, SRMUH
  • Dr. K. Ramkumar, SRMUH

Local Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Puneet Goswami, SRMUH
  • Dr. Ajay Sharma, SRMUH
  • Dr. Neeraj Dahiya, SRMUH
  • Ms. Deepshikha, SRMUH
  • Ms. Sandhya Tarwani, SRMUH
  • Dr. Tejbir Singh, SRMUH
  • Dr. Upendra Singh, SRMUH
  • Mr. Nitin Dahiya, SRMUH
  • Dr. Ajit Kumar, SRMUH
  • Dr. Neeraj Kumar, SRMUH
  • Dr. Arpana Vibhuti, SRMUH
  • Mr. Ram Murat Singh, SRMUH
  • Dr. Surjeet Dalal, SRMUH
  • Dr. Vidhu Shekhar Tiwari, SRMUH
  • Mr. M. Iyyapan, SRMUH
  • Mr. Sachin Sharma, SRMUH
  • Mr. Shakti Rana, SRMUH
  • Dr. R B Patel, National Institute of Technology, Utrakhand, India
  • Dr. K. Ramkumar, SRMUH


  • Mr. Manoj Madhavan Kutty, SRMUH
  • Prof. Puneet Goswami, SRMUH
  • Dr. Pawan Kumar, SRMUH
  • Dr. Vineet Bajaj, SRMUH
  • Dr. Kamal Agarwal, SRMUH
  • Ms. Mithu Pandey, SRMUH


  • Dr. Arvind Kumar, SRMUH
  • Dr. G. Edwin Prem Kumar, SRMUH
  • Dr. Ajay Sharma, SRMUH
  • Dr. Surjeet Dalal, SRMUH
  • Dr. M. Mohan, SRMUH
  • Ms. Sandhya Tarwani, SRMUH


  • Dr. Arvind Kumar, SRMUH
  • Dr. G. Edwin Prem Kumar, SRMUH
  • Dr. M. Mohan, SRMUH
  • Ms. Nidhi Chawla, SRMUH


  • Dr. Upendra Singh, SRMUH
  • Mr. Satyendra Srivastav, SRMUH

Technical Committee

  • Dr. Vassilis Moulianitis, University of the Aegean, Lesbos, Greece
  • Dr. Dariusz Mikołajewski, Kazimierz Wielki University, Bydgoszcz, Poland
  • Dr. Vassilis Moulianitis, University of the Aegean, Lesbos, Greece
  • Dr. Ahamed, Nurul Hashimah, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
  • Dr. Alon, Uri , Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot, Israel
  • Dr. Santosh Kumar, IIIT, Raipur, India
  • Dr. Rajesh Siddavatam, Saveetha Amaravati University, Guntur, India
  • Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singh, National Institute of Technology, Raipur, India
  • Dr. Vipin Tyagi, Jaypee University, Guna, MP, India
  • Prof. MPS Bhatia, NSUT Delhi
  • Dr. Virendra Singh, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India
  • Dr. G. Sahoo, BIT, Mesra, Ranchi, India
  • Dr. R.K Agrawal, JNU, New Delhi, India
  • Dr. Deepak Garg, Bennett University, India
  • Dr. Ravi Subban, Pandicherry University, India
  • Dr. Rajkumar, Rajasekaran, Vellore Institute of Technology, India
  • Dr. Yashvardhan Sharma, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India
  • Dr. Vrijendra, Singh, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, India
  • Dr. Pardeep Kumar, JUIT, Wakanaghat, India
  • Dr. Shamik Tiwari, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India
  • Dr. Ajay Prasad, UPES, Dehradun, India
  • Dr. Ram Gopal Kashyap, RGPV, Technical University, Bhopal, India
  • Dr. Shailendra Gupta, BITS, Bhopal, India
  • Dr. Basant Tiwari, TIT, Bhopal, India
  • Dr. K. Govinda, VIT University, Vellore, India
  • Dr. N. SureshKumar, VIT University, Vellore, India
  • Dr. T. Karthikeyan, VIT University, Vellore, India
  • Dr. Loganathan, Pondicherry Engineering College, India
  • Dr. U. Srinivasalu Reddy, NIT, Trichy, India
  • Dr. Sumit Srivastava, Manipal University, Jaipur, India
  • Dr. U S Rawat, Manipal University, Jaipur, India
  • Dr. M. Bala Krishna, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, India
  • Dr. Shishir Kumar, Jaypee University, Guna, India
  • Dr. Prema K V, Manipal University, Manipal, India
  • Dr. Rajveer Singh, Manipur University, Jaipur India
  • Dr. Durgesh Kumar Mishra, SAIT, Indore, India
  • Dr. M M Agarwal, BIT Mesra, Ranchi, India
  • Dr. Usha Mehta, Nirma University, Ahmadabad, India
  • Dr. Awate, Suyash P. , IIT Bombay, Bombay
  • Dr. Laxman Sahoo, KIIT, Bhubaneswar, India
  • Dr. Navin Rajpal, IPU, New Delhi, India
  • Dr. Rajaram M. Gowda, Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, India
  • Dr. Siddesh G M, M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India
  • Dr. Khaleel Ahmad, Maulana Azad National Urdu University , Hyderabad, India
  • Dr. Priya Seetharaman, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India
  • Dr. B. B. Gupta, National Institute of Technology Kurukshtra, India
  • Prof. P. K. Jain, IIT-BHU, Varansi, India
  • Prof. Subrat Kar, IIT-Delhi, New Delhi, India
  • Prof. Dharmendra Singh, IIT Roorkee
  • Shri S.S. Kohli, SERB, DST, Govt of India, New Delhi
  • Dr. Vinesh Kumar, University of Delhi, India
  • Dr. R. K. Pateriya, MANIT, Bhopal, India
  • Dr. R. A. Mishra, MNIT Allahabad, India
  • Prof. Amita Malik, DCRUST, Murathal
  • Prof. Anita Singhrova, DCRUST, Murthal
  • Prof. Sukhdip Singh, DCRUST, Murathal
  • Prof. Suman Sangwan, DCRUST, Murathal
  • Prof. Suman Deshwal, DCRUST, Murathal
  • Prof. C. C. Tripathi, Director, UIET, KUK, India
  • Prof. Mayank Dave, NIT, Kurukshetra, India
  • Prof. Surender Dahiya, DCRUST, Murathal
  • Prof. Ashutosh Kumar Singh, NIT, Kurukshetra, India
  • Prof. Sanjay Sharma, Thapar University, Patiala, India
  • Prof. Kapil Sharma, DTU, New Delhi
  • Prof. M. M. Tripathi, DTU, New Delhi
  • Dr. Shailendra Kumar, DTU, New Delhi
  • Dr. Virender Ranga, NIT Kurukshetra
  • Dr. Rakesh Kumar, NITTTR, Chandigarh
  • Dr. Shelly Sachdeva, NIT, Delhi
  • Dr. Sandhya Tarar, GBU, Greater Noida
  • Dr. Vimlesh Kumar, GBU, Greater Noida
  • Prof. O P Sangwan, GJU, Hisar
  • Prof. Yudhavir Singh, MDU, Rohatak
  • Dr. Dinesh Singh, DCRUST, Murthal
  • Dr. Pawan Dahiya, DCRUST, Murthal
  • Prof. Himanshu Agrawal, PU, Patiala
  • Prof. Anil Verma, TIET, Patiala
  • Dr. Anil Arora, TIET, Patiala
  • Dr. Yugal Kumar, JUIT, Solan
  • Dr. Amit Kumar, JUIT, Solan
  • Prof. R. B. Dubey, SRMUH
  • Prof. P.C. Kishore Raja, SRMUH



ICMDE is the flagship conference of the Springer. Special sessions complement the regular technical program by highlighting new and emerging research topics or innovative applications of established approaches.

  • Learning theory
  • Optimization Methods
  • Statistical learning
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Generalization in neural, fuzzy and evolutionary learning
  • Learning Classifiers
  • Probabilistic and statistical models and theories
  • Parallel and distributed learning
  • Scientific data and Big Data Engineering
  • Scalable analysis and learning
  • Data sampling and reduction
  • High dimensional data, feature selection and feature transformation
  • High performance computing for data analytics
  • Hybridization intelligent techniques
  • Optimization Technique
  • Computational Methods for Knowledge discovery models and systems
  • Computational Methods in Human-machine interaction for knowledge discovery and management
  • Computational Methods in Nature inspired and evolutionary computation for knowledge discovery
  • Computational Methods for Knowledge based neural networks
  • Computational Methods for Knowledge discovery from heterogeneous, unstructured and multimedia data
  • Computational Methods for Knowledge discovery in social networks
  • Computational Methods for Data and knowledge visualization
  • Computational Methods in High performance computing for Knowledge discovery
  • Computational Methods in Big data Engineering
  • Computational Methods in High-Performance Computing
  • Computational Methods in Machine learning over the Cloud
  • Computational Methods in bioinformatics, computational biology, health and medical analytics
  • Computational Methods in Intelligent system modeling, designing and computing
  • Computational Methods in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Methods in machine learning and deep learning
  • Computational Methods in pattern recognition
  • Computational Methods in Image Processing
  • Computational Methods in Intelligent Information Retrieval
  • Computational Methods in Scientific analytics and real time decision making for Data Engineering
  • Big data Engineering foundations, analytics and visualization

  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Image processing
  • Computer vision
  • Business
  • Social science
  • Human activity recognition


Prof. Catrin Moore,
University of Oxford, UK

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal,
General Manager- Cloud & Core Delivery , Ericsson India Global Services-NLSIU, Bangalore



Registration Fees

Registrations are accepted on first come first serve basis. Registration fee for each participant:

  • Students in India:
    6500 INR
  • Faculty/Scientists/Scholars:
    7000 INR
  • Industry Scientists:
    8000 INR
  • Foreign Delegates:
    150 US$

Important Dates

  • Last date for Paper Submission:
    30th October, 2019
    Extended Date : 30th November, 2019
  • Notification of Acceptance:
    28th November 2019
  • Last date for submitting camera ready paper:
    20th December 2019
  • Author Registration Deadline:
    5th December 2019


Paper Submission and Registrations are Closed


All papers that conform to submission guidelines will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability. Acceptance of papers will be communicated to authors by email ( The authors of the accepted papers will be allowed to make corrections in accordance with the suggestions of the reviewers and submit final camera-ready papers within the stipulated deadline.

Paper Submission Guidelines:


The Original unpublished Research Papers, Articles & Working papers having maximum length 15 pages on the topics related to the theme are invited for presentation/publication in the conference proceedings.

(1) Kindly ensure that your paper is formatted as per Template(not exceeding 15 pages).Additional pages per paper above the Fifteen(15) pages limit will be charged.
(2) All submissions will be thoroughly peer-reviewed by experts based on originality, significance and clarity.
(3) Only papers presenting original content with novel research results or successful innovative applications will be considered for publication in (ICMDE 2020) – Volumes 1 and 2 Springer.
(4) Kindly mention that whether the research paper is submitted in General or Special Session in the header of the 1st page (refer template). If special session, also mention the session name along

Click here for Paper Submission -


(1) The paper prior to submission should be checked for plagiarism from licensed plagiarism softwares like Turnitin/iAuthenticate etc. The similarity content should not exceed 10% (in any case either self contents or others). Further, you have to strictly implement the following ethical guidelines for publication:
(2) Any form of self-plagiarism or plagiarism from others' work(s) should not be there in an article.
If any model / concept / figure / table / data / conclusive comment by any previously published work is used in your article, you should properly cite a reference to the original work.
(3) Also language of explaining it should not be same as language of the work from which you have adopted it.
If you are using any copyrighted material, you should acquire prior permission from the copyright holder.


Each accepted article is required to register at the full-rate by at least one author. All accepted and registered papers will be published in the conference proceedings. If an author has got more than one accepted papers, each paper has also to be registered. If the author will not make the conference registration, the paper will be automatically removed from the conference proceedings.


Please note that papers will not be included in the proceedings of the conference unless one author of the paper does not pay the registration fee within the deadline.
  • It is obligatory for at least one author to register, attend the conference and present each paper.
  • The page limit for papers is a minimum of 3(Three) pages and a maximum of Fifteen(15) pages
  • Additional pages per paper above the Fifteen(15) page limit will be charged at a rate of 1,000 Indian rupees per page respectively.

The conference registration includes:
  • Welcome reception with conference kit
  • Participation of all conference sessions
  • High tea, lunch and banquet dinner.
  • Conference Certificate


Account Informaiton for Registration Fee Submission
Branch Code 06838
ACCOUNT NO. 00000034510636942
Remarks ICMDE2020


  • The registration does not cover accommodation, transportation etc.
  • No attendee will be allowed to pick up conference kit for their colleagues without prior written permission from the original registrant.
  • Conference Attendee /co-author participant / Listener registration fee doesn’t cover registration kit and proceedings.
  • Without full author registration at the conference, paper will not be published in Proceedings.
  • All registration fees specified are excluding bank charges.
  • All other authors including Indians currently residing/working in other countries should make payment in USD.

Sponsorship / Partnership

  • Platinum (Inside Cover):
    Rs. 2,00,000
  • Gold (Full Page):
    Rs. 100,000
  • Silver (Half Page):
    Rs. 50,000
  • Bronze (Quarter Page):
    Rs. 25,000

Stalls are also available in the conference venue with additional charges of Rs. 20,000/-

For more information, contact us:

Information regarding abstract submission:
  • Dr. Sanjay Kumar
  • Professor (CSE)
    SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat
    Plot No. 39, RGEC, Sonepat – 131029 (Haryana), India
    Phone: 91-9416086867
Information regarding registration:
  • Dr. Arvind Kumar
  • Assistant Prof. (CSE)
    SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat
    Plot No. 39, RGEC, Sonepat – 131029 (Haryana), India
    Phone: 91-8295032966
Information regarding transport
  • Mr. Shakti Rana: 91-8569991556

How to Reach the Venue